What we do

What we do

  • Machinery and Equipment Installation

    Machinery and Equipment Installation
    We provide Machinery and Equipment Installation Service and periodical Inspection and Maintenance Service. And we can handle both of Rotary Machine and Non-rotary Machine, please feel free to contact us.

  • Heavy Device Installation

    Heavy Device Installation
    We make a construction pre-planning in advance to make sure the safety of relocation, carry-out and installation of machinery and have earned recognition for offering Speedy・Safety・Certainty service.

  • Steel Framework Construction

    Steel Framework Construction
    We offer diverse Steel Framework Construction Services including construction of factory and plant and so on.
    We work hard to meet all of your needs according to the current situation.

  • Scaffold

    Driven by a commitment to safety and efficiency, we provide the safest workplace possible for all related to the refurbishment construction and deliver construction services with an emphasis on Safety・Speedy・Responsibility.

  • Aerial Work

    Aerial Work
    We strive to do mandatory safety inspections and identify risk while operating an Aerial Work.
    Our people who operate the Aerial Work shall be an expert and know all of constructions.

  • Welding

    Our people bring their technical knowledge to the delivery of Processing and Manufacturing Service of Steel Material at CO2 Welding・Arc Welding・TIG Welding and Gas Cutting and so on.

  • Plants

    We offer plant facilities installation and demolition construction services including marking, installation, centering, plumbing, painting and test.

SAKAE Differentiators

  • 安全へのこだわり

    We provide full-service construction including Heavy Device and Aerial Work and so on, and our commitment to safety continues to offer high technology and high-quality service.

    Pre-work Safety Meeting
    We strive to KY activities every day.

  • 技術へのこだわり

    How to offer high-quality service to our clients?
    In order to provide high technologies continuously, we strive to technical improvements through continuous efforts and high-quality Employee Education.

    We provide Improvement Forum for our employees periodically and support them to get Technical Certificates.


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