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December 2018Maintenance of dust collector No.1 equipment of Buzen city sotoni town clean center located in Fukuoka prefecture
Exchange of flash smelting furnace supply feeder of Pan Pacific Copper co.,Ltd Saganoseki
Maintenace of slag bucket conveyor of Pan Pacific Copper co.,Ltd Saganoseki
Repair of incinerator roller level in Takeo city, Saga prefecture
November 2018Inspection of dehumidifer of New Oita power plant
Conveyor installation of JA Shokuryou Saga co.,Ltd at Taku city, Saga prefecture
Removral, installation and duct of No.1 equipment of Tsushima city clean center located in Nagasaki prefecture.
October 2018Chimney flushing work of Asahi Kasei co.,Ltd at Nobeoka city
SG1 Plant construction of Showa denko k.k.
September 2018Establishment of liquid charcoal plant
Exchange of FSF#2 dry ore FC sprocket of PPC Saganoseki
Construction of scaffold used for exchange of gasket of NS Styrene Monomer Co.,Ltd
SDM of Taiyo Oil co, Ltd.
August 2018No.80 SDM of JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Oita oil refinery
July 2018Inspection of sintered MB electric motor of NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION
Periodic inspection of SHU.OSU equipment of Osaka factory of Mitsui Chemical, Inc.
June 2018SDM of JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Oita oil refinery No.80 No.1 equipment
SDM of No.80 JX-TG, remodelling reactor cyclone
T/B insertion work of Takigami power plant
May 2018SDM of Maruzen petrochemical co.,Ltd
Removing the equipment used for periodic inspection of Takigami power plant
April 2018SDM of raw material and gas department of Omuta factory of Mitsui Chemical, Inc.(construction and demolition of scaffold and others)
Construction and demolition of scaffold used for SDM of exchanger of JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Oita oil refinery
Periodic inspection of machinery of NS Styrene Monomer Co.,Ltd.
Removing and installing the high pressure airtight equipment of NS Styrene Monomer Co.,Ltd.
Inspection of sizing mill motor
Installing and removing mandrel motor
March 2018RIG constrcution at Hatchobaru power plant
Inspection of W1_HE-3001A/B at Oita factory of Showa denko k.k.
Periodic inspection of No.2 BTX equipment, installing and removing of tube bundle of NS Styrene Monomer Co.,Ltd.
Inspection and maintance of sintered MB high pressure motor of NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION(the first time after rewinding)
February 2018Handling the matter of installation of No.1 boiler of Nichinan power plant in Miyazaki prefecture
January 2018Inspection of rail of Kijima-Kogen park
Installation of new electric dust collection of Kyushu electric power co.,Inc matsuura power plant's No.2 equipment
November 2017R2 Mill Motor Open Inspection
Conveyor Installation in ISAHAYA CITY
October 2017Flash tank Renewal and Silencer Demolition of OGIRI Power Plant
GPB Periodical Maintenance in MIZUSHIMA
Injection Well Excavation(Demolition and Construction) of YAMAGAWA Power Plant
September 2017Boring Inspection of OHI Power Plant
Periodical Maintenance in SAGANOSEKI
TAKIGAMI Binary Power Plant Project
August 2017Removal and Installation of Sludge digestion tank machine in MIKASA RIVER
Water Treatment High Pressure Motor Maintenance
Removal and Installation of No.1 Building Dust Collector Main Fan Motor
July 20172 Blast Furnace Spare Thickener#1 Spigot P Motor Maintenance in HIROHATA
Biomass Power Plants Construction in SAKATA CITY
June 20172TBX SDM of NS Styrene Monomer Co.,Ltd.
Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
April 2017Row Material and Gas Department Periodical Inspection and Maintenance in OMUTA CITY
NS-3000 RIG Demolition at Mt. HEIJI
March 2017RIG Demolition・Construction・Inspection at HATCHOBARU
Cooling Tower Installation of OGIRI Power Plant
January 2017Biomass Power Plants Construction in TSURUGA CITY
FSF Slag Bucket Conveyor Maintenance / Chain Bucket Exchange
Roller Coaster Inspection in KIJIMA-KOGEN PARK
Fire Restoration and Electrical Maintenance of Plank Plant
December 2016IBUSUKI, KAGOSHIMA PREF / injection well excavation construction at Yamagawa Unit 1
November 2016OKINAWA PREF / On-site Machinery Cleaning Construction of NANSEI SEKIYU
October 2016TSURUGA CITY, FUKUI PREF / Biomass Power Plants Construction
September 2016Inspection and Repair of Generator Gas and Sealing oil Device
July 2016SDM Project of SHOWADENKO CO.LTD
Binary Power Device Installation Project at TAKIGAMI Power Plant
June 2016PPC Plant Finder Installation and Exchange
May 2016JX Energy SDM Project
April 2016SDM Project of Row Material and Gas Department in Mitsui Chemicals, Inc
March 2016Heat Exchanger Open Inspection
Mill motor Open Inspection of NS Styrene Monomer Co.,Ltd.
February 2016RIG Demolition・Construction・Inspection at HATCHOBARU
January 2016AT Tower Demolition at HIKOJIMA
Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
December 2015Scaffold Temporary Construction at HOTOJIMA
No.7 Boiler No.4 Turbine Construction of Daicel CO.,LTD OHTAKE PLANT
November 2015PPC Converter 1-2 BY-PASS Repair
October 2015Chilling Machine Open Inspection at SAIKI MARINE CULTURE CENTER
August 2015Waste Incineration Facility Construction at MIYAKO ISLAND OF OKINAWA
June 2015Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
October 2014Refinery FCF #1.2 FC Maintenance in SAGANOSEKI
3 Sintering Main Exhauster Dust Collector Installation in AICHI-PREF
September 2014Wood chips Manufacture Plant Construction in IBARAKI-PREF
July 2014Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
June 2014Materials Handling Equipment and Local tank Construction in NICHINAN CITY, MIYAZAKI-PREF
May 2014Row Material and Gas Department of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc
No.78 SDM Project of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
Maruzen Petrochemical periodical maintenance
April 2014Waste Incineration Facility Construction and Machinery Installation Construction in AOMORI CITY
January 2014IG Demolition・Construction・Inspection at HATCHOBARU
Roller Coaster Inspection in KIJIMA-KOGEN PARK
November 2013Flash Smelting Furnace Jacket Exchange in PPC SAGANOSEKI BRANCH
F5 Mill motor Open Inspection
August 2013No.2 Heavy oil tank Installation in NAZE Power Plant
June 2013Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
May 2013Row Material and Gas Department of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc
Fuel Gas Filter Installation(WEP)
April 2013Periodical Inspection and Maintenance of OGIRI Power Plant
RIG Demolition・Construction・Inspection at HATCHOBARU
January 2013Roller Coaster Inspection in KIJIMA-KOGEN PARK
August 2012SDM Project of TAIYOOIL in YAMAGUCHI PREF
No.1 Thermal Power Generation Dust collector Exchange in FUKUSHIMA-PREF
Incineration Ash Melting Furnace Construction in KYOTO CITY
June 2012Spherical Tank of Cosmo Oil Co.,Ltd in CHIBA PREF
May 2012Row Material and Gas Department of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc
April 2012M SDM of NS Styrene Monomer Co.,Ltd.
February 2012V2 Mill motor Open Inspection
January 2012RIG Demolition・Construction・Inspection at HATCHOBARU
Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
Roller Coaster Inspection in KIJIMA-KOGEN PARK
September 2011Duct installation in HITACHINAKA CITY, IBARAKI PREF
August 2011SDM of NIPPON STEEL
June 2011Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
JX Periodical Inspection and Maintenance
May 2011Row Material and Gas Department of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc
April 2011Periodical Inspection and Maintenance of OGIRI Power Plant
March 2011Water pipe bridge expansion and contraction Packing Exchange of No.2 Power Plant in SERIKAWA
February 2011 V1 Mill motor Open Inspection and Maintenance
RIG Demolition・Construction・Inspection at HATCHOBARU
Tank Installation of Sony-semiconductor Kyushu
January 2011Scaffold construction and Demolition for Wiring rack Maintenance
Roller Coaster Inspection in KIJIMA-KOGEN PARK
November 2010Chimney Flushing Project at NOBEOKA
August 2010SDM Project of SEIBUOIL in YAMAGUCHI PREF
June 2010Machinery Carry-in and Installation of Miyazaki Solar-Frontier CO.,LTD
May 2010RIG Demolition・Construction・Inspection at HATCHOBARU
Row Material and Gas Department of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc
January 2010Roller Coaster Inspection in KIJIMA-KOGEN PARK
February 2008Windmill Installation of Wind power plant in TOTTORI PREF
August 2006Solar Cell Manufacturing Facility in MIYAZAKI PREF
December 2001Wide-area Waste Treatment Facility Construction in SAIKI CITY


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